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Time Lapse Photography

Then and nowA friend of mine sent me a link to Young Me/Now Me, an entertaining web project that invites you to upload “then and now” photos illustrating how you and the people around you have changed (or seem not to have changed) over the years.

When I visited the site, I was both amused and touched by the images people had selected to share. There’s a spirit of exuberance in the exercise, and at the same time, something poignant about celebrating the durability of self.

Even as time has changed our bodies and our relationships, even as we inhabit a different world now than we did then (witness the revolution in the medium of photography), we retain something precious and essential at our core that guides our continual becoming.

Will you try it? Find a snapshot of yourself from years ago and place it side by side with a current image. Ask yourself, “What was gloriously, inextinguishably true for Young Me that is still true for Now Me?”

Knowing that, who will I be a few years from now when photographic images are rendered in three or four dimensions? In other words, what’s possible for Next Me?

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