bulletIn the Round Resume™, Vicky Schubert has created a process tool that allows you to “see yourself whole”. In conjunction with Vicky’s insightful coaching, which inspires creativity and confidence, the Round Resume will free your energy and move you forward. I encourage you to engage with Vicky, reinforce values and purpose, and participate fully in inventing your life.
—Judy Ringer, president, Power & Presence Training

bulletEvery time I tell someone I have a coach to help me be my most magnificent self, I appreciate the great gift Vicky is in my life. Having known Vicky for a number of years, I’m delighted to see that she has found the perfect professional setting for her unswerving capacity to bring out the best in people. I’m so glad to have her support and guidance in looking at critical questions as I traverse a number of important transitions in my life. I’m delighted with my own progress, as well as the ripple effect to others in my life as I see freshly that we are all magnificent even if sometimes masquerading as ordinary.

—50-Something nonprofit executive

bulletCoaching with Vicky was a new experience for me and one of intrigue and curiosity. However I was immediately impressed by the manner with which Vicky created a safe, comfortable space to talk about some uncomfortable subjects. Through her intuition and ability to pick up on subtle language cues we moved from a conversation about political frustration at work to a place of deeper insight, and often it was a productive dialogue. She helped reinforce my commitment to allow for the aesthetic and intellectual pursuits essential to me.

University design faculty and campus architecture and landscape designer

bulletI came to Vicky in a state of overwhelm and paralysis, feeling like I had bitten off more than I could chew at work. By listening and asking clear questions she helped me cut through the ambient noise and recognize in myself the leadership qualities that had led me to take on the project in the first place. I not only returned to action with greater energy, but have begun to explore new ways to be more of a leader in the work that means so much to me.

Community college curriculum developer and instructional designer

bulletWorking with Vicky is both energizing and helpful. Her objectivity combined with a delicate blend of support and challenge guides me to make my own revelations of what is possible and what is not possible. She has coached me through some complicated and confusing situations and I am grateful to her for keeping me on goal when my tendency is to veer off track.

Mid-life professional “sandwiched” between adolescent children and aging parents

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