The Round Resume™

An exercise in seeing yourself whole

The Round Resume™The Round Resume™ is an empowering facilitated reflection process that helps you increase your effectiveness through greater self-awareness. This right-brain, “inside out” mapping exercise provides catalyzing insight and clarity for

  • leaders in transition
  • leaders in development
  • mid-career job seekers
  • activists and change agents who are stuck or burned out
  • graduates and young professionals choosing their path

In a 2½-hour in-person session (or two 1½-hour sessions via phone or web), you will work with a certified coach to create a mandala-like* self portrait that brings your core values and core purpose into focus, and reveals how these essential elements of self are expressed in your choices and behaviors. As the picture of your whole self emerges, you gain:

  • Confidence in your capacity based on greater recognition of your own sense of purpose
  • Clarity about what you value and how values drive your actions and create barriers
  • Commitment to leveraging your unique gifts and sensibilities on behalf of others
  • Appreciation for your current and future development goals
  • Ability to see others whole and to see other whole systems

Two optional follow-on sessions use the completed Round Resume as a starting point for:

  • Applying the increased  awareness gained from the Round Resume experience to create action plans that articulate how you will bring more of your values, purpose, passions and strengths to benefit your organization, your team, and your relationship with self and others.
  • Drawing on your life story to communicate your future vision.

Contact me today, to learn more or schedule your Round Resume experience.

*A mandala is a symmetrical round design with roots in multiple spiritual and psychological traditions. It depicts a sacred space or unified whole and is often used as an object of meditation or prayer.

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